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Submitted on
December 4, 2013


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New Journal Tag!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 4, 2013, 12:51 AM
Tagged by: :iconpsalmseven:
I like making big productions of these tag thingies. So here goes:
1. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

:spotlight-left:10 Things about myself:spotlight-right:

I have a best friend, who shares almost all my interests and tastes, and we can do anything and everything together without ever getting bored of being together.

It's one of the many reasons I married her.

Though no two people are perfect, I can say with confidence that not a flicker of our flame has been doused, and it never will be. We just celebrated our third anniversary, and I know it's still just the beginning of a lifetime together.

I love you, WhiteFinDolphin. I always will.

I grew up with a sort of distaste for cats, and had none at home because my mother is allergic, and eventually I was too. I even went so far as to tell people I don't like or hate cats.

Now, I get called a "cat man". I have three felines that follow me around most of the day. I've never loved a pet like I love those three.

I was taught by my parents that drinking alcohol - at all - is a sin. After growing up, talking to other Christians, and doing some studies here and there, I've determined that drinking is NOT a sin. Getting drunk, yes. Not simply drinking.

Since then, I've become a slight connoisseur of local craft beer, and every couple of weeks try to sample a new wine or beer.

Two of my cats are climbing on me right now as I type. Might be because of the teriyaki beef jerky my wife just handed me.

I think the English language should incorporate double and triple contractions. For example:

I would not = I'dn't
He will not = He'lln't
I have not had = I'ven't'd
we would not have had = We'dn't've'd

I really like fooling around with the CSS coding on dA. I've made quite a few journal skins, and like playing with custom boxes and such. As evidenced by this very journal.

One of my big goals in life is to make a living from my art. It's starting to get within my grasp, since I've done a few commissions here and there, and am getting ready to submit a graphic novel to a publisher. I have several stores selling my artwork on t-shirts and mugs and such, which usually makes a sale every day. I'm thinking of opening up commissions here on dA, for points and premium membership extensions - if people are interested.

Besides cartooning, I used to do some sculpting. Among some of my creations were a clay castle that allowed you to pour water into the highest tower and watch it run down a long spiral path and into the moat at the bottom. Another was a marble chute that was four feet tall, made of toilet paper tubes and cereal boxes. Another was a wax castle I built by melting a candle onto it every day, until it had close to 30 candles put together. I also made a replica of a bamboo plant from cardboard, a monster made of a smashed computer mouse, and a praying mantis made of copper wire. None of these exist anymore, but I'd love to get back to doing this sort of thing some day.

I wear a hat most of the time, even around the house. Mostly because I can't stand the feeling of my hair touching my face. The one I normally wear looks like this:…
Sometimes I wear a toque, military cap, or even a fedora instead. But usually it's that plain black driving cap.

My two biggest fandoms of all time are the Super Mario series, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They have been almost equal, since I was five or six. Even today, more than 20 years later, I still love both series, though the level of fandom has been up and down.

- - -

:spotlight-left:10 Questions I Answer:spotlight-right:

1. What is your favorite movie genre and book genre? Are they the same or different? (Yes I know that's two questions, I cheated.)
Favourite movie genre would be "family" - If it isn't appropriate for 5-10 year olds, I likely will not watch it. Under the category of family, I go for action, adventure and fantasy.

As for books, probably fantasy, and non-fiction

2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Introvert, all the way. Not afraid of people, and I can be rather friendly. I just prefer to be alone, or with my wife.

3. How did you first find out about dA?
According to my front page, I'm a "Deviant for 7 years". I honestly don't remember what brought me here. I seem to think it was looking over some Earthbound fanart, and noticing that I kept ending up on the same site, then finally looking into what dA was all about, and thinking it'd beneficial to make an account. I posted three pictures (None of which are in my gallery any more) then left the account dormant for a year, when I was suddenly inspired to do a bunch of Super Mario artwork, and it went form there.

4. Are there any fictional characters that you closely resemble or identify with?
Apparently I look a bit like Turbo:…
Minus the grey complexion and yellow eyes/teeth.

I'm a fairly typical looking glasses-wearing guy. I probably look like the main human from Brave Little Toaster:…

5. How do you feel about clowns?
CLOWNS?? fencingwithink.files.wordpress…
Acually, I find them more annoying than scary.

And after playing through Final Fantasy VI, I can see how a clown can make an interesting villain, as well.

6. What's the best thing that has happened to you in the past week?
Finishing my office room, and actually getting to spend 3-4 hours drawing with my tablet in there, getting a few pictures done. It's awesome to have a work space at home like this.

7. What's the best thing that has happened to you today?
Waking up beside my wife. Always makes it a good day.

8. Where do you hope to be ten years from now?
Ruling this world with an iron fist!

Nah...  but I do hope that by ten years I've achieved the goal of having our own isolated property, surrounded by thick forest and hearing nothing but the sounds of nature around.

9. What is your birth order? (First born, middle child, last born, etc.)
I was the first. And the last.
...and the middle, I suppose?

10. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas.
The complete decommercialization of the holiday, forcing everyone to concentrate on bettering themselves and assisting those in need rather than the rampant consumerism fuelled by the blatant self-centredness that everyone seems to fall for?

That or a new car.

- - -

:spotlight-left:10 Questions by Me:spotlight-right:

1. If you could own any vehicle at all as your everyday car to drive (ANY vehicle, whether it would be legal to drive on the road or not), what would it be?

2. Favourite video game genre?

3. Prefer traditional or digital animation?

4. What sort of colour(s) do you prefer to wear?

5. Is there any type of common pet that you DON'T like, for any reason?

6. What was your most special toy as a child? Still have it?

7. Do you like salt on your food?

8. If your hair could grow in a different colour - especially a completely unnatural one - what colour(s) would you want it to be?

9. You suddenly find out that you have to leave for grandma's house in five minutes! You're spending a whole three days there for the holiday, and there's virtually nothing to do. You have five minutes to run and grab something to entertain yourself with - what is it?

10. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?


And I tag:
:iconikyle: :iconfairy-red-hime: :iconle-the-creator: :iconatticus-w: :icontimmyjhill:
:iconmariorox1956: :iconacejinjo: :iconrrandomness: :iconleoshito: :iconpdoogan:

If you don't want to make a whole stinking journal for this, you could always just answer my ten questions in a comment right here. Or you can just ignore my tagging you entirely and BREAK MY HEART.

Oh, and thanks for reading!

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Tagged again, eh?  Alright, challenge accepted :iconchallengeacceptedplz:

1.) Probably a DeLorean because of my addiction to the Back to the Future series.
2.) I like Puzzle or Platformer games, or both.
3.) traditional animation due to my love of the early Disney movies and Looney Tunes
4.) Usually the color doesn't matter to me.  As long as I look my best, I'm good.
5.) hmm, no, I really like all pets, really.
6.) it was one of those bubble hourglass things where the bubbles go through the wheel and collect at the bottom.  This one was three of them connected side by side, only in the middle was this pink slime-like substance that drips down through the middle.  Got it somewhere, still as entertaining to me.
7.) Oh yeah.  Even things that are salty I put a little more salt on (though it may be overkill)
8.) I really like my hair dark-brown like it is.  Wouldn't have it any other way.
9.) I'd bring a sketch pad with me, so I can draw things that interest me to stay sane.  Also my iPad, although I know I won't have internet over there, it's got all my music on it.  Can't survive without a little music.
10.) Eat 5 Warheads... At once.

Whew, okay, here's my questions for anybody to answer:

(1.) What form of medium do you use for your art?
(2.) What's better: Star Wars or Star Trek?
(3.) What kind of job did you want when you were a kid
(4.) If you had the choice between learning another language or learning a new hobby/skill, what would your choice be and why?
(5.) What was the most frightening thing you've witnessed (in real life or otherwise)?
(6.) What's the best flavor of ice cream?
(7.) Is there something you just can't get enough of(like a song, game, or food)? 
(8.) Can you solve a Rubik's Cube?  If so, what's your best time?
(9.) Would you rather spend a weeks vacation at the beach or a foreign city, where would you go?
(10.) Coke or Pepsi?

Now that that's over, I'll have to get the other journal done.  I haven't been able to because I've been busy (or lazy, take your pick)
Huh. Looking over your answers to my questions, I see we have a handful of things in common. Like being salt addicts, and grabbing a sketchpad first.

Well, for the heck of it, I'll answer your questions too:

1. No.2 pencil or non-copy blue pencil for sketches, and a tablet in Photoshop and Inkscape to finish.
2. Geez...  I have been a casual fan of both, on and off. Probably Wars would rank a little higher, as it seems more immersive and varied.
3. I wanted to be a cartoonist and/or video game designer. I'm still sort of leaning that way.
4. Probably a hobby or skill. I have no reason or desire to vacation to a place where fluency in another language would be useful. Having a new skill on the other hand, like juggling or working with a new art medium - that I'd make use of, and enjoy.
5. Geez...  hard to remember the most frightening. Well, the most recent that comes to mind is just last week, driving downtown. My light had turned green, the other was red, and I could see a red pickup truck going far too fast to stop. I only pulled out two feet then stopped, though my light was green, and sure enough the kid driving the truck ran the red light and straight through the intersection without even slowing down. The scary part is, if I had not noticed the speed of this truck and pulled forward, with the timing of my speed and his, he would have hit my passenger-side front door head on - where my wife was sitting. I was pretty shaken up by the idea of what could have happened.
6. Cotton Candy. Or Amaretto. Yeah, both are rare ones, but excellent. We have a little shop in my town that serves both.
7. Well, there's sushi.
8. I have been able to - I used to know the pattern the solve it. It would take me several minutes nonetheless. I've since forgotten the patterns, since it wasn't important enough to me, really. Not a passion.
9. I am not a big fan of beaches, especially ones with a lot of people. I'd sooner go to a city with lots to see and experience another culture. Tokyo or Moscow or Belfast or something.
10. Coke, man. Not only does Pepsi not have the same zing in taste, they use cheap and spiteful business practises and advertising campaigns.
Well, salt is my favorite spice after all.  Second maybe to garlic.

It seems we share more things in common.  Both of us prefer Coke and can solve a Rubik's cube.  I was the only person I KNEW who could solve one until now.  Still do it from time to time.  Got several in my closet, even some speed-solving ones, though I'm not professional.  Fastest time for me was 71 seconds I think.

Coming up with random questions is harder than it looks (note to self: don't go into journalism).  
Huh. Very much alike. I put salt on everything, and garlic salt in plenty of dishes I cook.

I guess I just don't care for little puzzles like that anymore. I know it's a skill, and can sharpen the mind, but I'd sooner hone my skills in art, and music, and other areas.
We're so alike, it's almost scary.  O_o  Have you ever had Buttery Garlic dip from Little Caesars?  That stuff is liquid gold to the tastebuds... 

But yeah, I'd see why you'd say that.  It just makes me feel so smart knowing I'm someone who learned something only a few can do.  It's just another neat talent I've inherited over the years.  Just the same, I would also probably try and learn something new as well to try and not be a "one-trick pony" forever.  
Hah! I was eating Little Caesar's just last night, for our New Year's "party". Didn't have any dips - just two Hot & Ready pizzas - but yes, the Buttery Garlic is probably the best dip they have (perhaps the only one I actually like).

It does give you a strong sense of accomplishment being able to complete a puzzle like that - I know it did for me, so I can relate to the feeling.
We actually got Little Ceasers for our party as well (and by party, I mean sitting around the TV watching movies until midnight), only we got deep dish and forgot the dip.  We actually made our own dip with melted butter and garlic salt, but it really wasn't the same.

Ah, I do that sort of thing a lot - homemade garlic butter. Has a lot of uses.
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PsalmSeven Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL I like how you answer these things. :XD:

Congrats on finishing the office! I have an office at home too, but it's in the attic and we don't have heat up there, so I've been forced downstairs...

Looks like we have the same Christmas wish as well. :thumbsup: lol Honestly, I always spend about a month balking at Christmas, complaining about the commercialization of it and the implied obligation to buy everyone better gifts than the year before, but when the day actually arrives I'm like "Yay, new toys!" :dummy: Just like everyone else.
Thanks - I try to add a bit of flair to them.

It's made a big difference having an office at home. Have you considered using a space heater up there? We've done that in old places we've lived that had rooms that were cold.

That used to be a tradition of mine; baking cookies for a month or so. Heck, I even had my own recipes. But these days I don't go much beyond a Betty Crocker cake.

Christmas is relatively slow for us, especially this year. Probably it'll pick up once we have kids, and start gifting toys to them and such.
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