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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 9, 2014, 6:45 AM
Two weeks ago, my wife, WhiteFinDolphin wrote a journal entitled "Pause".

Continuing the video game analogy, this is Reset.

Sometimes you may pause a game, unsure that you're prepared enough to beat the level you're on. A puzzle lies ahead that appears difficult and intimidating. Maybe this time you have to leave the game paused for so long, that the challenge ahead seems more and more impossible, and with the resources you've gathered, it'd be pointless to fight. You think of ways to win, but soon realize that if you keep pushing forward, inevitably you will lose.

You want to win this game; in fact you know you'll beat this game. You hunger for it. But you can't just leave it paused and stare at the impossible scenario. It's pointless to unpause and fight a losing battle, wasting time and being worse off in the end. So the best course of action is to reset.

Resetting means losing most of your progress. Starting over from the beginning, with your resources gone. It makes you go back to square one, and have to fight through the early stages again, earning back the resources you had before. However, resetting does not take away the experience of your previous playthrough, which can be built upon. Resetting does not erase the memory of the mistakes you made last time, and how to prevent those mistakes from happening again. Resetting allows you to see where you could have collected more resources and better used them. It lets you try again in places where you did the wrong thing. It can be a second chance, even if it means losing progress. It still has that glimmer of hope that comes with a fresh start, even if there is loss, and having to repeat work that was done before. It's an opportunity to do better.

This sort of analogy may not perfectly describe our situation right now, but comes pretty close to what we're going through. As such there may not be a lot of activity from either of us this month while we are kept busy setting things back into place, where they ought to be. Thank you to all who express their concerns and prayers and encouragement. We're pulling through this, it just takes work and time.


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Acejinjo Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Dropping by, again. I wish you're alive and well.
Retro-Specs Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
Coincidentally, I wish I were alive and well too. But I can say neither with shining confidence today, just as many previous days. All that's going to change, just not as quick as they ought to.
Acejinjo Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
Yes, it'll take baby steps, whatever it is you and your wife been going through, I'm sure you two will make it. After all, you have each other.
Acejinjo Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Just dropping by to say "Heyoo!" I don't forget the guy who made me get this dA account in the first place. Haha.
Retro-Specs Featured By Owner May 8, 2014
Hey, Acejinjo. So, I was the guy that made you join dA? Really? I don't recall that exactly, how did it go down? Of course, that'd been what, six years ago now?

I recall something about racing in Mario Kart DS briefly.
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